Intensive Wine and Vine Experience

The Margaret River Intensive Wine and Vine Experience is a 1 day event tailored for the Perth and local markets.
The package includes:
 Train journey from Perth to Bunbury return (optional)
 All transportation
 All meals and wines (including a gourmet picnic basket for those taking the train)
 Guided learning with Helena Chlepnac and Tony Proffitt
 A copy of “Australian Wine: styles and tastes, people and places” by Patrick Iland, Peter Gago, Andrew Caillard and Peter Dry (2017 publication)
AM Howard Park ‘Wine Chapel Room’
9.00 Welcome morning tea (coffee/tea/biscuits) with Margaret River region overview
10.00 ‘The taste of a wine starts in the vineyard’ discussion and guided vineyard walk
11.30 Tasting of Burch Family Wines using the aroma kit to help train the nose to identify the unique aromas and tastes in both white and red wines
13.00 Wine tasting and food pairing lunch (Marq Wines)
PM Domaine Naturaliste by Bruce Dukes
15.00 Guided winery tour with bottled and barrel wine tasting
17.00 Wine and cheese tasting (Yallingup Cheese Company) and sunset at Yallingup
19.00 Wine game and dinner (Caves House)